Understanding Roulette Table Layout

Roulette table has its own unique layout. The understanding of the roulette table layout is the basic step in winning your game.

In every traditional roulette table layout there are 38 numbered pockets on the wheel. There are also some added options that represent red and black, even and odd numbers and also low and high numbers. The European version of roulette layout deviated a little bit from the above layout. It has a total of 37 numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

Table Layout

We are going to concentrate on the roulette table layout of the American version of roulette. The American roulette layout when viewed lengthwise the top numbers will appear which are the 0 slot and the 00 slots. The rest of the numbers which range from 1 through 36 will be shown. The American roulette wheel has three columns where the numbers are arranged.

In the roulette table layout of American roulette even and odd numbers alternate each other. The numbers are also alternated in red and black colour. In the light of the above, the first number in the first row of the table is 1 which is black in number. The second number is 2 which is red in colour while the 3rd number is 3 and it is black in number. This arrangement runs through.

There are other options located at the extreme of the row where the outside bets can be placed. The inside bets are made on the numbers located within the row and column containing the numbers.

American roulette table layout

American roulette table layout

European roulette table layout

European roulette table layout

Betting options

As has been said above, there are two betting options obtainable in this roulette table layout. The two betting options are inside bets and outside bets. Another name for inside bets is layout bets.

There are various ways in which you can place bet on the inside portion of the roulette table. You can place bet on an individual numbers on the table and this type of inside bet is called straight up. The payout of this betting option is 35:1. The payout of this betting option is encouraging and this is why many people opt for it.

Bets can also be placed on 2 numbers and this bet is called split. There is also 3 line bets which is bet on 3 numbers. The corner bets is bet made on four numbers. There is also bet made on 6 numbers. These betting options have different payout.

The payout of outside bets also differs from each other. Outside bets are:

  • Column bet
  • Dozen
  • Split column
  • Split dozen
  • Even/odd bet
  • Red/black
  • High and low bets

There is another betting option called the neighbour bets which is available in the European roulette version.

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