Interesting Facts about the History of Roulette Games

The first prototypes of spinning wheel in China, Roma, Greece. The Hoca and the "E-O" as first roulettes. American and French roulette wheels.

Roulette games are the first that come to our mind when we hear the word casino. The wheel became the symbol of gambling for a reason. The motherland of roulette is considered to be France; however, it is a widespread misconception as this game has much deeper historical roots. Some researchers stay that the first prototype of roulette was invented in the country of Far East – China. Then, the game was brought to old Europe by merchants.

Spinning Wheels in Roma and Greece

On the other hand, there are evidences that the Roman soldiers put to use a chariot wheel to gamble. An arrow was laid on the ground and it pointed to the space between those marked upon wheel. The Greeks used a shield spinning upon a metal tip. There were ten marked spaces upon the shield. After the shield stopped spinning, its location against a selected indicator on the ground defined a winning space. So, it is hard to determine the country of roulette origin.

The Pioneer Roulette in Europe

The game similar to roulette was played in Italia and England. They were called Hoca and E-O games. The Hoca was popular in France. Cardinal Mazarin built the first casino of Hoca to raise the royal money in the middle of XII century. The wheel was a table with 40 cups, 3 of which were marked by 0 as house ones. The ball was thrown from the center point of the table. The players made bets on the cups.

At the same time period the game of “E-O” was quite popular in England especially in the Bath resorts. The wheel was a round table with 40 niches: 20 of pockets were marked as O that meant “Odds” and 20 had the mark of “E”, which was “Even”. The gamblers made their bets on the pocket they were inclination to.

Roulette in Europe

Roulette history

The first roulette games, which were like modern tables, were introduced in casinos of Paris in the end of the XVIII century. The father of European roulette is considered to be Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, who invented the wheel in 1655. Although, some historians believe they were the French Dominican monks to create the roulette for entertaining in monasteries. By the way, word “roulette” is of French origin and means “little wheel”.

These games owned the same features as roulette we can see at present-day casino, except “zero” pocket was red and the “double zero” pocket was black. The roulette became common game in other countries of the world in the XVIII century. Such outstanding personalities, as Catherine the Great and Sultan Selim III were fond of wheel.

Roulette Appears in America

The first roulette was brought to Louisiana by French immigrants. American roulette owned 0, 00 and instead of 000 American Eagle +28 numbers. The common bets were red/black and 4 columns. Unlike modern European roulette there are added the rule “en prison” and “00” pocket.

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