Land Based Roulette vs. Online Roulette

Land based roulette game (offline roulette) and online roulette game differ in a number of ways though the game is basically the same.

The basics of roulette game both in the online and land based casinos are the same. But the difference lies in the medium through which the game is played. The major difference between these means of playing roulette is predicated on this.


The first difference is the environment and atmosphere surrounding the game. The atmosphere of land based roulette carries with it some thrill to offer gamblers. Every attention is given to the roulette wheel and there lies the thrill of the game. There are players surrounding the table as they are playing their games and then other people who are watching the players play roulette. This is an edge which online roulette does not have.

Online roulette beats land based casino hands down when it comes to convenience and comfort. In online roulette you are free to play roulette when it is convenient for you. The fact that you are playing at the comfort of your room is also an added advantage which online roulette has over land based casino. You will not be spending money on transportation in order to locate a casino where you will play your roulette.

Land based casino present sights and sounds that are good but these lose their beauty when they are compared with the graphics and sound of online roulette. The graphics and sound effects of online roulette beat that of land based roulette hands down. In the online roulette the rolling ball has its unique sound also. As you are playing, you will also hear sound of the ball spinning around the reel.

Betting and Banking options

The betting options in both means of playing roulette are the same but betting in online roulette is very easy. All the necessary information about the betting option are displayed on the screen for the gamblers to read before starting their game. This makes the betting easier for players.

Besides, the banking option in online roulette is also simpler than that of land based casino. All the information you need with regard to the above are given to you on the screen.

Online roulette makes use of gaming software that makes it possible for fair gaming through the internet. This is called Random numbers generators abbreviated as RNG. With this software the spinning of the wheel in the online roulette remains the same with that of land based casino.

The bottom-line is that for more excitement and fun, land based roulette is the winner but online roulette remains the champion with regard to flexibility, comfort, convenience and informality.
Never forget that roulette is predicated on luck whether you are betting online or in the land based casino.

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