Interesting Facts about the History of Roulette Games

The first prototypes of spinning wheel in China, Roma, Greece. The Hoca and the "E-O" as first roulettes. American and French roulette wheels.

No-zero roulette is special type of roulette game provided by Betfair Casino which is an online casino. This special type of roulette has no zero slot; hence the name No Zero roulette table. It can only be played in Betfair casino for now. There is no other casino online that provides no zero roulette.

With the no zero roulette the house edge has been drastically lowered to zero level. The en prison and le partage rule cannot be compared with no zero roulette with regard to reduction of the house edge.

This cannot be obtained in any other casino online. The reason for the above is evidently clear. The casino makes their money through the edge they have over the players. For example, you will be earning huge amount of money if you bet on red and the ball rests on you slot. But the problem is that, the possibility of red coming out is very rare. The number of spins you make does not matter. It is predicated on luck. If luck runs against, you will be losing a huge sum of money.

But this is not the case with no zero roulette. No-zero roulette table indeed changes the whole scenario. The probability of winning a bet on red in no zero roulette is 50:50. This means that you can win through some spin of the wheel.

How Profitable is It?

If the no-zero roulette reduces the house edge to zero, the question is, how then does Betfair casino profit from the game? Considering this from the theoretical view point, Betfair will eventually make some money out of it. In practice also, it will also make some money based on the risk of ruin that is involved in it.

Practically, it is not possible for a gambler to liquidate Betfair casino by simply playing roulette. Gamblers have their deposit. Betfair will gain when they exhaust their account by gambling.

As players are playing, they will also be losing and that is where Betfair make their gain. In other words, Betfair breaks even through the losses registered by the players.

However, with a large deposit you are sure of playing for an umpteen time. This is because of the fact that the house edge is no longer obtainable in no-zero roulette table.

No-zero roulette can be played only in the download version. There is no instant flash or web-based version of the game. Simply download the game once you sign up.

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