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The Portal has its own terms about disclaimer so you have to read this disclaimer for your own safety and security on this website and its info.

General Terms

We never promote users for illegal activity, underage gambling, and illegal gambling for those persons that their regions do not support gambling online or any type. We use these information for giving entertainment and educational purpose only so you can't use this information for business or personal purposes.

When you are entering and visiting our website and web pages you are automatically agreeing with our terms and you also make sure that you are not violating any rules or laws for underage gambling or illegal gambling in your region.

You have to make sure that you have the minimum age limit for starting gambling of your region and if your region does not support online gambling then you are not allowed in our website.

If you lose anything by visiting our websites or by instructing to do some damage of the information of our website, we will not be responsible for such activity and you only will be responsible for that.

When you encounter that gambling is creating problem in your daily life and seeking help for that will be your responsibility for that and we will not be responsible for such problem.


None is allowed to play casino games in here and we never take payment or give payment for any type of activity for our users, and this is a website for free information for everyone who visits this website.

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