American Roulette Wheel, Rules and Bets

American roulette as the name suggests is a version of roulette that is played in the American world. You will be learning about it in this article.

A Brief History

Roulette is a French word that is translated as small wheel. Roulette according to popular opinion originated in England in the 18th century. The roulette table layout we have today was designed by the two brothers who were the managers of the prestigious Monte Carlo Casino. The names of the two brothers are given as Louis Blanc and Francois Blanc.

Since the fabrication of the roulette layout by these two brothers, roulette game has continues to grow in popularity among gamblers. This has made roulette to be one of the symbolic casino games played today. It is also good to mention that the above is does not exhaust the entire history of roulette.

American Roulette

In American roulette wheel, which is also called the double-zero roulette, there are 38 numbered pockets. These numbers range from 1 to 36 and then 0 and 00 slots. The aim of the players in the American roulette is to predict the number where the ball will rest after it might have been spun on the wheel.


There are some betting options available to players in American roulette. These bets are made on particular numbers or range of numbers. Bets can be made on an individual numbers as well as combination of numbers. There is also red and black betting option. A player can also bet that the ball will rest on an even or odd numbers as the case may be. There are bets made on three numbers as well as four and five numbers.


There are various strategies one can apply in playing American roulette. Martingale system is one of the favourite strategies applied when playing American roulette. This system is predicated on the theory that losing numbers do not remain constant.

When you use Martingale system you will get back your losses by doubling you bet each time you lose your game. For instance, if you start your game with £5 and you lose, you have to double it in your next bet. This means that you have to wager with £10 in your next bet. According Martingale strategy you will gain back the five dollar you lost at the initial time if you eventually win.
There are as many systems as there are many players.

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